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  • Northman logic valve LCV-25-20-D-N
Northman logic valve LCV-25-20-D-N

Northman logic valve LCV-25-20-D-N

Northman logic valve LCV-25-20-D-N

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Northman logic valve LCV-25-20-D-N
Northman logic valve LCV-16-20-D-N
Northman logic valve LCV-32-20-D-N
Northman logic valve LCV-40-20-D-N
Northman logic valve LCV-50-20-D-N
Northman logic valve LCV-63-20-D-N
Logic valve, also known as the cone valve, there are two pipe connection port A, B and A control port C, cone valve on the cavity connected with pilot control valve, and control oil line. From the working principle, it is equivalent to the hydraulic control one-way valve, when the control port C and oil tank connected, cone valve open, A, B oil port is connected, so the pilot control valve to make C port relief or pressure, can achieve the opening and closing of the cone valve. Control mode can be divided into single guidance, multiple guidance, flow control, electromagnetic control and so on.
Cone valve and small flow solenoid valve combination can constitute the direction valve. Conical valve and various pilot pressure valve combination can constitute a variety of pressure control valves. If B chamber is a return oil chamber, then this valve plays the role of overflow valve. If cavity B is a branch through the system, the valve ACTS as a sequence valve.
The valve body is placed in the oil circuit board, low noise, small vibration, stable mechanical operation, multi-functional characteristics to simplify the needs of other valves, also avoid the pipeline installation caused by oil leakage, easy installation, reduce the cost.
Thus it can be seen that a cone valve corresponding with the solenoid valve and pilot pressure valve and take speed control measures, can play the role of reversing valve, pressure valve and throttle valve in the system, at present, this valve is used for high pressure, large flow or large flow of hydraulic system. Applicable machinery: large machine tools, folding beds, die casting machines, plastic injection molding machines, copper rolling machines and all kinds of heavy industrial machinery, vehicles and ships, etc.

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