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  • Modular manifold MB-2-2E-1
Modular manifold MB-2-2E-1

Modular manifold MB-2-2E-1

Modular manifold MB-2-2E-1

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Modular manifold MB-2-2E-1, Modular manifold MB-2-1E-1, Modular manifold MB-2-3E-1, Modular manifold MB-2-4E-1, Modular manifold MB-2-5E-1
Modular manifold MB-3-2E-1, Modular manifold MB-3-1E-1, Modular manifold MB-3-3E-1, Modular manifold MB-3-4E-1, Modular manifold MB-3-5E-1

Modular manifold MB-2-2E-2, Modular manifold MB-2-1E-2, Modular manifold MB-2-3E-2, Modular manifold MB-2-4E-2, Modular manifold MB-2-5E-2
Modular manifold MB-3-2E-2, Modular manifold MB-3-1E-2, Modular manifold MB-3-3E-2, Modular manifold MB-3-4E-2, Modular manifold MB-3-5E-2

Comparison method of hydraulic circuit block and schematic diagram:
See solenoid valve has a few working position is a few, each position has a few oil port is a few. Intuitively, there are several boxes in the functional symbols that are a few bits, and the connecting points between the line and the box in each box are the Numbers.
Oil road block is a collection of scattered hydraulic oil road. The oil circuit block is simply a block that controls the work of hydraulic fluid. Usually made of metal. For each hydraulic system, oil circuit block shall be designed separately according to hydraulic schematic diagram. Its advantage is to simplify the installation, overhaul, replacement and later maintenance of the hydraulic system. The disadvantages are high design and processing requirements, high cost per piece. Not suitable for small batch production.

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