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  • Pressure switch JCS-02N
Pressure switch JCS-02N

Pressure switch JCS-02N

Pressure switch JCS-02N

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Use method of pressure switches:
When first used for safety protection, the pressure relay is set at one end of the clamping hydraulic cylinder
When the pressure rises to the set value of the pressure relay, the pressure relay will act and send out an electrical signal to energize the 2YA, so the cutting hydraulic cylinder feed cutting. The normally open contact of the pressure relay microswitch is always closed during machining. If the workpiece is not clamped, the pressure relay 2 is disconnected, and then the 2YA power is cut off, the cutting hydraulic cylinder immediately stops feeding, so as to avoid the workpiece is not clamped and cutting accident.
In fact, it is used to control the sequential action of the executive element. After the hydraulic pump is started, the first 2YA is energized, and the left cavity of the hydraulic cylinder is fed with oil, pushing the piston to move to the right. When it encounters the limit device (or dead stop iron), the pressure of the system rises, and the pressure relay sends out an electrical signal to energize the 1YA. The high-pressure oil enters the left chamber of the hydraulic cylinder, pushing the piston to move right. At this moment, if 3YA is also energized, the piston of the hydraulic cylinder moves rapidly to the right; If the power is cut off at 3YA, the piston of the hydraulic cylinder moves to the right at a slow speed, which is regulated by the throttle valve.
When used for hydraulic pump unloading again, the pressure relay is not to control the hydraulic pump to stop rotating, but to control the two-way solenoid valve, which will flow the pressure oil output by hydraulic pump 5 back to the oil tank for unloading.
Finally used for hydraulic pump opening and closing, there are two hydraulic pumps, high pressure small flow pump, low pressure large flow pump. As the piston drops rapidly, both pumps pump out pressure oil. When the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder is pressed against the workpiece, the pressure relay will start to act under the action of pressure oil, touch the micro switch, disconnect the normally closed contact and stop the hydraulic pump. Slow down the speed of the hydraulic cylinder and reduce the power consumption during the processing.

Product description:  pressure switch is an internal component for sensing pressure and transmitting open and closed signals.
All oil seals imported from Japan, multi-layer oil leakage filtering design, accurate pressure control, adopted in Japan
Omron micro switch, greatly extend the life of the pressure switch, export quality. Our company is a global two-year fast warranty service.
1. Most of the faults of the pressure switch are caused by the blockage of the oil port, which will not run out. If there is such a situation, please check whether the oil port is blocked.
2. When piping and assembling joints, it is necessary to prevent leak-proof coating from entering the pipe. When winding tape, it is necessary to keep 1-1.5 teeth, and do not wind leak-proof tape.
3, if the use of hydraulic fixing glue (hypoxic glue) lock joint, should avoid excess and liquid glue into the body. Cause parts to jam and misbehave.
Our product application: lifting platform, semi-automatic lathe, hydraulic machinery, hydraulic system, semi-automatic grinder and so on.
If the quantity reaches a certain amount, there will be a certain amount of discount, for details, contact the official website or customer service staff.

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