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HGP-1A-F1R gear pump manufacturer

HGP-1A-F1R gear pump manufacturer

Hydraulic pump is the energy element of the hydraulic system, it converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover into the pressure energy of the liquid, and provides the pressure oil with a certain pressure and flow rate to the system.
Hydraulic pumps belong to the power pump that is to use oil as the carrier medium to transfer power, hydraulic pumps are volumetric, are dependent on the sealing working cavity volume changes to achieve oil absorption
And oil pressure, the basic working principle is that the volume of the working cavity decreases, the existing oil in the cavity is compressed and the pressure increases, and it is output to the system through the oil pressure valve
Cheng, eccentric drive a week, pump suction, oil pressure each prime motor-driven eccentric drive shaft rotation, hydraulic pump on continuous oil absorption and pressure.


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